Gee, You’re A Real Snazzy Dresser

I love 1970s game shows and it saddens me that they’re only shown on the Game Show Network between 1am and 4am.

I’m currently watching an episode of “Let’s Make A Match” and I’m about dying of laughter. Gene Rayburn is dry and hilarious. The contestants have personality (one of the women is wearing a shirt with pictures of fried eggs covering her boobs, and another guy with an Afro just said “Gee, you’re a real snazzy dresser” to Gene), and oh my lord, there is so much sexual innuendo.

Why aren’t game shows this hilarious anymore?

Come to think of it, do we even really have prime time game shows aside from “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy” anymore? “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” was canceled…”Deal or No Deal” still does well when it’s on I think, but then again, Howie Mandel has more personality than Pat, Alex, and Regis combined.

I feel like these game shows of the 70s really encompass the feel of the decade. It’s so relaxed and fun. The shows now are so dramatic and uptight. Could it be that game shows accurately mirror the feelings of their respective times?

I feel like I really missed the boat on the 70s. I was born a generation too late. I don’t belong in 2009.


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