Now They’ve Done It…

Now, for sake of argument, I usually agree with Rolling Stone (with the exception of their giving the new U2 album 5 stars in their last issue, but that’s another story), but this list of their “50 Best Albums of 2008” I cannot, in good conscience, get behind.

I agree with #1 because it was a fantastic album, yet not overly commercialized like Coldplay’s…but the Jonas Brothers? Really? At number 40? Higher than AC/DC who released their best album…maybe ever? A teeny-bopper dream boat fresh off the Disney Channel whose entire fan base consists of girls between the ages of 8 and 16…and maybe a few soccer moms? Their songs read like children’s poetry. Sing-songy and rhyming. Terrible. Yet they are higher on the list than AC/DC’s career high. For shame Rolling Stone, for shame.

Guns N Roses at number 12 for an album Axl spent 10 years making and yet it was a completely over hyped let down consisting of mediocre versions of mediocre hair metal. I can’t believe that album was placed higher than MGMTs “Oracular Spectacular”. And where is I’m From Barcelona?

I do agree with the top 5. The Bob Dylan bootlegs were immaculate. Lil Wayne made the only rap album that I can stomach without feeling queasy afterwards and John Mellencamp is always a winner in hard economic times. He’s the cornfield boy.

Mudcrutch, Girl Talk, and Jackson Browne should have been placed much, much, much higher.

Dear Rolling Stone,

Please fix this.



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