New York State of Mind

I am going to dedicate this blog to a few of the (many) reasons why if I don’t get into NYU’s journalism masters program I am going to fling myself off the top of the Empire State building.

I spent the weekend with my sister in New York City. Let me just say this: she has the best life. She is in the greatest city in the world going for school for exactly what she wants to do with her life. I shouldn’t have been chicken. I should have applied to NYU, but I didn’t, so now I’m stuck at Buffalo for another year, a school that doesn’t even have journalism as a major. Lame. But it’s cheap. Not lame.

I got to NYC on Saturday. My sister and I had lunch at Europa on 7th (near FIT) and I had a turkey and Brie sandwich. Delish. Then we went to the Not Fade Away gallery (which I read about in Rolling Stone) which had a collection of never before seen photos of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles from their first tours. It was so cool to see all these photos of Keith and Mick, and Paul and John before they got super-famous. The gallery owner, Larry Marion, actually bought the copyrights and negatives of all these photos from the Bob Bonis‘ estate. Bonis died in 1991 and was the tour manager for The Rolling Stones and The Beatles first US tours. It was the coolest gallery I have ever been to. The photos were candid and the gallery was located in this little hole-in-the-wall room off 20th street near Broadway. My favorite picture was one called “Boxers or Briefs?” where Mick Jagger was pulling his pants down for the camera answering the question once and for all: briefs. More info on the gallery is located on their website and on the first page of the March 19, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone.

After the gallery we went to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Annex in SOHO, which was probably the coolest place ever. The first exhibit has all the signatures of everyone inducted on this steel rectangle and when a song plays overhead the name of the artist lights up and you can see their signature. Like, they played “Hotel California” and all of the Eagles signatures glowed. Bonus: Found Jann Wenner’s signature.

Sunday we went to MoMA and saw some sweet Picasso paintings and Jackson Pollock stuff. In one of the exhibits they have a wall of old Esquire covers. It was super cool. After MoMA we walked by the Rolling Stone offices on 1290 Avenue of the Americas, where I precede to yell “JANN WENNER” at the office. He didn’t hear me. Then we went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park where my sister took a really artsy photo of me and my Beatles shoulder tattoo in front of the Imagine circle. There was a group of guys there playing Beatles and John Lennon songs. We sat for a while and listened. It was nice. Then later that night we went to Fusion, a Parsons New School Of Design vs. FIT student fashion show which was really impressive. They had a judge from Teen Vogue there. Parsons/Teen Vogue. Hello Tim Gunn and Lauren Conrad. Parsons ended up winning but I like the FIT clothes better. They were more “wearable”. We also saw Jay, Whitney’s boyfriend from “The City” on MTV at Brgr when we were eating dinner. We were going to stalk him but Dani thought she lost her keys and was panicking a bit.

This morning, before I took the train back to lame Albany, I had the best bagel of my life.

Basically what I’m getting at is, Albany is boring, Buffalo is boring. I love everything about NYC. The stinky subway, the atmosphere, the museums, Central Park, the people, the food…everything. I can’t wait to go back on May 8th for my official NYU campus tour. If I don’t get into Grad School there I will seriously be the most upset I have ever been in my entire life. No joke.

Sorry this is a lame excuse for a blog, but I’ve been so busy traipsing around my dream home that I haven’t read much of interest. That will change soon I feel like–I am currently back in one of the lamest parts of the continental US.

If you find yourself bored you can always buy me the “Boxers or Briefs” picture from the Not Fade Away gallery–it’s only $1,600.

I want to go see those pictures again so badly. Thanks for the awesome tip Rolling Stone.


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