Oh Captain, My Captain!

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Bob Dylan…and if it was, now it’s not.

His new album is due out on April 28th, and slowly, info on it has been leaking out such as its title and track listing…so obviously I have been checking a copious amount of websites hourly to get the 4-1-1. Today, Rolling Stone answered my patient waiting with an article in their Rock and Roll Daily.

Apparently the lyrics are supposed to channel Walt Whitman AND translations of “The Canterbury Tales.” Hot damn. As an nerdy English major, I am excited. The title of the album itself, “Together Through Life” is supposed to be based on one of Whitman’s lesser known poems “When I pursue the conquer’d fame“–which is one of my all time favorite Whitman endeavors.

I love when artists, especially musicians, use different forms of art to make something new. If this album lives up to its hype, which I hope it does, it will bring a little bit of classic poetry back into the mainstream…or as far into mainstream as Bob Dylan can get.

This album is looking like it might be pretty epic. Aside from the poetic angle, Dylan also chose a photo for the cover from one of the hippest new photographers–poetry, music, and art–sounds like Dylan is prepping for Woodstock ’09…I hope!

I hope the new album lives up to my new pet name for Dylan–Oh captain, my captain!


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