This Land Is Your Land…

It’s hard not to believe in karma after reading this article from Rolling Stone’s Rock and Roll Daily.

Pete Seeger, arguably the “Bono” of the 1960s, for those of you who prefer current references, is turning 90 years old on May 3rd. 90. That is what you get for fighting the good cause…90 years (and counting) of life. Karma loves Pete.

In celebration of his milestone birthday a benefit concert is being held to raise money for the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater…an organization Seeger founded in 1969 to clean up the waterway. It’s being held at Madison Square Garden (I kind of wish it was outside) and tickets are being sold for as low as $19.19 to honor the year Seeger was born. Acts include, Bruse Springsteen, Dave Matthews, and Eddie Vedder.

I would really love to go–I’d love to see Pete Seeger rockin’ 90 in style and it’s for a good cause!

Who wants to buy me tickets?


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