Twilight Zone

I just got back from working the Twilight DVD release party at Borders. Needless to say, I usually love my job, today I hated it.

Twilight fans have got to be the most obnoxious fans I have ever met. They span generations from 7 to 60, but they all have the same mental age…13.

They were all pushy in line, this one girl (about 17 years old I’d say) CRIED because we ran out of the Twilight board game and Twilight umbrellas, another woman (about 60) was telling me all of her Edward Cullen sex fantasies (I kid you not).

When it was finally approaching midnight and we started lining people up in order of their numbers people kept complaining about how even though they didn’t reserve one, and we only had a limited number to begin with, they weren’t able to get the “Borders exclusive edition” of the movie. First, who cares? The Borders version is $10 more and all it has is a color booklet and an interview with Stephenie Meyer, who is the least articulate person on earth this side of George W. Bush. Second, YOU DIDN’T RESERVE ONE. You have no right to complain if you didn’t have your “Twilight shit” together.

The only saving grace is that I got to see Tracy, one of my old co-workers, who I missed dearly.

I do not understand the appeal of Twlight, and I read them. I mean, it’s a good story, but when compared to Harry Potter, or any other young adult novel, they are terrible. There is little to no character development, the plot doesn’t flow, and it’s horribly written. The only good thing is really the plot, minus the 4th book which was about 700 pages of Meyer writing what she thought her young fans wanted in order to placate the masses. Uhm, demon baby? Get a life Steph.

After tonight I never want to hear another single word about Twilight ever again. Got it? So don’t even go there.

Thank you, and good night.


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