Doggy Love…?

I was channel surfing a moment ago and I came across an episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City” and I…well, I cannot stop laughing. This is why:

1. One woman, a Countess (who inherited the title from her husband, and never lets anyone forget it) threw a birthday party for her dog. She ordered a cake AND had one made out of dog food for the guest of honor, who was also wearing a party hat. Oh, and it was held at a doggy spa.

2. The Countess magically landed a book deal and she plans to write a book about etiquette called “Class With the Countess.” This wouldn’t be necessarily funny, except that as she was explaining the premise of the book (it’s about manners) she was talking with her mouth full of food. Now that’s class.

3. The Countess was complaining because her maid went to the Philippines for a month to visit her family and left her to do all the laundry, and *gasp* load the dishwasher. Rosa, the maid, came back and hadn’t even been in the door 5 minutes when Ms. Countess dumps laundry all over her…the poor jet-lagged woman.

So, I guess, the only funny thing about this show is “The Countess,” because now that i think about it, none of the other “housewives” are as obnoxious as she is. They all make their own money, and have made themselves successful…The Countess rides on her husbands coattails, has a very large, sharp stick up her ass, and thinks the world revolves around her. i.e. she was being recognized by the American Cancer Society and instead of graciously accepting the award for all the money she raised/donated, she made a grossly long speech about what it’s like to be her and how rough her privileged, money-driven, maid-abusing life is and that “Oh, it feels so nice to give back, because it’s the one good thing I have…” Gag me, please.

Conclusion: I do not like the Countess.


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