I’m Drunk Off Your Kiss For Another Night In A Row

Whenever I come home (even if it’s just for the weekend) I always find myself digging through my rather large stack of (100 +/-) alphabetized CDs and resurrecting stuff I haven’t listened to since High School, or in the case of today’s choice, Middle School.

Today I closed my eyes and grabbed a CD at random and ended up with New Found Glory’s “Sticks and Stones.” This is the part where you all groan and close-out the webpage, but before you do, let me just say this–I bought this CD for two reasons:

1. I was trying to be cool and listen to a band that wasn’t mainstream
2. I went through a “sk8r” (yes, with an Avril “8”) phase

BUT I kept this CD for one reason:

1. Aside from the cheesy music, poor excuses for singing, and lack of attractive band members, the lyrics actually are good.

I mean, they’re not “epic,” but they’re certainly better than say, Avril Lavigne or Britney Spears, or any other comparable artist of the late ’90s early ’00s. When I was in 8th and 9th grade this CD really spoke to me…and not because it fueled my teen angst…which it may have…but because it was really the first time that I had heard contemporary music (i.e. not made in the ’60s and ’70s) that sounded a lot like I think. There were similes, metaphors, sentences, complete thoughts, and general cohesiveness.


“It’s burning up in here/Even though the bed is cold on your side/I’d rather die/Then spend this night here without you.” – “It’s Been A Summer”

“I wire these words together/Hoping for a chance to think in time/And I’m tracing over your letter/To see if your intentions are as good as mine.” – “Understatement”

“And when the world turns over/I’ll keep my ears to the wall/And when the world turns over/I’ll keep my feet straight on the ground.” – “The Story So Far”

I know, they’re not GREAT, but they don’t suck–especially when you’re a thirteen-year-old in honors English who is just excited to hear lyrics that encompass a broader range of vocabulary then 99.9% of the music getting radio play.

I could be wrong though, New Found Glory could totally suck, and in fact, I’m pretty sure they do, but they helped mold my adolescence so, I love them.

I’m uploading this CD to my itunes…right now.


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