It’s a Bob, Bob World

Two things of the utmost importance:

1. Bob Dylan is (once again) on the cover of Rolling Stone (*insert Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show reference here*) They call him “America’s greatest songwriter” and I will have to agree, and not just because I am absolutely in love with everything about him but because of…

2. His new album came out on Tuesday and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. It has completely lived up to its hype and every song is as good as the one that he had as a sample on itunes. It’s soul folk music. It is exponentially better than his last release Modern Times and even though I am a huge fan of Neil Young’s new release Fork in the Road, Dylan’s new album Together Through Life is hands down, the best album I have heard in years.


*There is a perfect combination of slow and fast-paced songs.
*It’s an immaculate fusion of soul, jazz, blues, and folk.
*The lyrics are deeply literature oriented–there are Whitman and Kerouac references AND even a Milton reference.
*It’s just such a perfectly crafted, well-balanced, well…groovy album.
*He sings in such a passionate way that it almost makes me forget that he’s turning 68 in a few weeks and that he’s not the 24 year old up and comer he used to be. *swoon*

Oh, and then there’s this on the first track: “I love you, pretty baby/You’re the only love I’ve ever known/Just as long as you stay with me/The whole world is my throne.” *double swoon*

And this–which perfectly describes how I feel about my life right now: “All night long/I lay awake and listen to the sound of pain/The door has closed forevermore/If indeed there ever was a door.”

I have never heard such fantastic lyrics come out of Bob Dylan–I guess his collaboration with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter really paid off.

I love everything about this album and (as I’m sure you’re all aware) I love everything about Bob Dylan. I wasn’t too impressed with Modern Times but this album is a nice hark back to Dylan’s early days but with just enough “oomph” to push him into this millennium.

It’s now 3 in the morning and I am going to fall asleep to the sounds of Bob’s raspy, lusty voice on Together Through Life while I dream about reading the new cover story in Rolling Stone.

There is a definite possibility that I might drive to Syracuse this summer JUST to see Bob perform with Willie Nelson.


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