C’est La Vie

I saw Angels & Demons on Friday and it was actually really good. A lot better than the Da Vinci Code, which makes sense because the book was better than the Da Vinvi Code, too.

There were a lot of really badass special effects and the fact that Tom Hanks was in it didn’t really bother me this time. I like when Ewan McGregor lit himself on fire.

I wish I could write like Dan Brown. To have that kind of imaginative mind must be so fantastic.

I survived my first week at The Gazette. I LOVE IT. I love how they just threw me into it and gave me all this responsibility. I’m getting used to the way they do things and this week I’m going in ready to do the best job I can to make them happy that they chose me as an intern. I’m excited to get out into the capital region and go talk to people and write about it. I got to interview this woman in Friday who is a professional mountain biker and has done a lot of activist work in the area from getting people involved in biking, cleaning up bike trials, and organizing races. She was so fun to talk to.

I am not thrilled about working over 60 hours a week between 2 jobs BUT I really need the money. I am basically starting with a negative bank balance this summer. C’est la vie.

I started my NYU grad school application today as well as my thesis! This summer is such an exciting time. I can’t wait to delve into it more deeply. I need to be sure to remind myself to take a break and see my friends though. I think they’re already cranky that I’ve been pretty MIA for the week and a half that I’ve been home. Oops!

I’ve just been so caught up in the excitement of my internship that I love plus working at Rainbow. AND I’ve been going to the gym for like an hour a day (when I’m not at Rainbow) because I’m determined to lose weight this summer. By the time I get home from doing all of that I’m too exhausted to do anything except shower and sleep.

I’ll have fun this summer though. I’m going to Coldplay @ SPAC next week, Alive @ Five starts soon (which I hope to drag Kathryn and Claire to), plus I have Bob Dylan @ Woodstock to look forward to!

This summer is going to be epic. The perfect balance of everything.


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