As per usual, as much as I try to stay away I got sucked into American Idol. This year, however, I’m not mad that I did.


He melted the guyliner and won.

America did it. We elected Obama, and now we elected Kris (after over 100 million votes, he might be more popular than Obama?)

If Adam Lambert won (even if his duet with KISS was pretty awesome) I would have done what I do every season: be really mad and swear off the show forever…only to get sucked back in again.

This is the first time since Kelly Clarkson when the person I wanted to win actually did. Thank you America.

I really think Kris’ version of “Heartless” a few weeks ago is what won it for him. People can’t get the acoustic performance out of their heads! I know I can’t, I downloaded it off iTunes.

What it comes down to is: Kris Allen won, Glambert can go cry off his eyeliner and walk around in his Spice Girl boots. Democracy doesn’t lie. Now get on that album Kris.

Oh, and the best part of the 2-hour finale (that didn’t involve Kris winning)? Janice Dickenson playing air mandolin while Rod Stewart crooned like a God. It was glorious.


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