Dear Brian May,

Adam Lambert does not sing.

Adam Lambert yells…and if you ask me, this is why he lost American Idol.

Queen CANNOT work with Adam. It was bad enough that I had to watch one of the most epic rock bands of all time take the Idol stage and collaborate with him last Wednesday…in a particularly PAINFUL rendition of “We Are The Champions,” but if Queen works with him again…voluntarily…I really might cry into my Freddie Mercury T-shirt and give up on anything good coming out of Queen ever again.

According to Rolling Stone, you want to talk to Adam. WHY Brian, why? No comprendo. I mean I know he has a powerful voice but I just can’t get over the fact that it sounds more like he’s yelling at me than singing.

Brian, as a person obsessed with classic rock, I am asking you, please don’t do this…PLEASE.

Don’t break my heart.



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