…like a hole in my head

Yes, that’s my (blurry) left ear, and yes there are 7 holes in it. I got the 7th one done on Friday, my rook, which is the one that’s in my ear, for those of you not in the know.

I’ll just say this now. I love piercings. On me, on anyone else. I love them. There are certain kinds of piercings that I personally would never get, but if anyone else has them I think they’re so awesome.

People get so creative with them. I don’t see how piercing yourself in various ways is any different than painting or dancing. You might think that’s a stretch…but honestly…I do not see the difference. When you boil it down, it’s all self-expression.

Now, I will be the first to admit that the 7 holes I have in each of my ears are not really self-expressive per se, and that they’re only there because I like them. I have a habit of getting piercings done, hating them, and taking them out (i.e. my nose). But, even if my piercings aren’t expressive, because I choose to express myself in other ways, doesn’t mean other people’s piercings aren’t.

I feel the same way about tattoos. I have 4 as of right now, and plans for a few more. I could NEVER tattoo my whole body or get sleeves like some people, but when I see a person with extensive skin artwork I can’t help but appreciate the time and artistry that went behind it. Every tattoo on my body I got with a specific message to myself.

Peace Sign: represents something I truly believe in. And, when I got it done, I was going through a weird time, and it was to remind me to be at peace with myself.

Heart: to remind me to love everyone and myself. To remind me that even in times of desperation people can be really fantastic despite evidence to the contrary.

Kokopelli: the Hopi Indian God of fun, music, spring, and fertility was inked on to my hip to remind me that life is nothing unless there’s some fun in it. I got it on a whim, on a night when I was really stressed out on the verge of tears. It helped.

“All you need is love”: this one is, in my opinion, gorgeous. My sister drew the Beatles’ lyrics around a globe. I love everything about this tattoo from the fact that it was designed and drawn by my sister to the fact that every time I see it on my shoulder in the mirror I remember that there are people who love me unconditionally and that’s what makes life worth living.

I have plans to get 2 more:

The Hopi Indian symbol for “bird”: In the Hopi culture it means “worry free” and at this point in my life I need something to remind me to be that way.

The Hopi Indian symbol for “sisters”: My sister and I want to get them. It will serve to remind me that no matter what my sister is going to be there for me which really hot home last night when I was upset about how an ex-boyfriend was making me feel like crap and really hurting my feelings. She let me sit with her and talk, and everything got better.

I guess what I’m getting at is that my parents aren’t a fan of my piercings or tattoos, my mom mostly for how much they cost, and my dad just doesn’t like them. He thinks I’m “defacing” my body. But what I think they fail to understand is that I don’t do these things to senselessly blow money or to “rebel”, I put a lot of thought into them and they mean a lot. Some people smoke cigarettes to get through the day, some people have a lucky necklace, I have tattoos and piercings.

They keep me grounded. They remind me who I am and who I want to be. In a lot of ways they keep me sane, and I really wish people would stop hating on them.

They’re just me. That’s all.


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