Moving On

I need to get this out of my system before I explode in rage. A rage so strong, it scares me. I have never been so mad in my entire life. Really. I haven’t. When my dog ate my Dion (from Clueless) Barbie when I was about 7, I was really mad, but it pales in comparison to how I feel right now. At this very moment.

In fact, I’m so mad that I doubt any of this will make sense but I need to get it out before I just start yelling at everyone who crosses my path, which would not be good.

A bit of background: When I worked for Generation things got crazy. People tried to call me a liar, people I thought were my friends turned on me, blah, blah, blah long, complicated story short, after a hearing with the English Department I was cleared of EVERYTHING and sent on my merry way with the As and reputation I deserved.

After this whole ordeal was over I thought it was all water under the bridge. Sure friendships were ruined but I honestly thought everyone would grow up and move on. Boy, was I wrong (as usual).

Apparently people are still talking about me behind my back. (Hey, high school called and wants you to get a life). But that’s not even the worst part. The worst is that some of the people talking about me are only doing so through hearsay because they have never even met me. This is actually pretty comical.

Now I know these people are probably just bitter that Generation doesn’t exist anymore. Which, even I will admit is really sucky. Generation had such great potential and a talented staff. I know that many of these people really do hate me for whatever reason they choose to use so they can sleep at night. I know these are the reasons why they continue to talk about something that happened almost 12 months ago. I will also admit that I am extremely sensitive with a lot of anxiety. I’m an easy target. They’re hawks and I’m a field mouse with no legs.

But I am no longer going to be a target. I am going to live my life and do what I do. I am going to ignore the bitter, angry people who can’t move on with their lives, and this will be the last time I’m speaking about it or acknowledging it because I am choosing to move on.

I’ll let you live your life how you want to, let me live mine.

The end.


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