Violence is not "amazeballs."

Perez Hilton got punched in the face.

The situation led to an onslaught of jokes about karma and perpetuated statements like “It’s about time!” and “I wish I had done it!” Perez’s pain led to the kind of tacky and tasteless comments that may seem humorous in passing but really do nothing other than make light of a very serious kind of situation. Perez was the victim of violence. Violence is not funny.

Yes Perez is a thorn in Hollywood’s side with his crass, often-crude, highly trafficked blog. He enjoys calling people “fugly” and ripping on things he doesn’t find to be “amazeballs,” but did he deserve to get punched? No. No one does. Yet that fact gets lost when the victim of the beating is a blunt pain-in-the-ass.

Some background: gossip blogger Hilton (nee Mario Lavandeira) is alleging that the manager of the Black Eyed Peas, Liborio Molina, assaulted Hilton backstage at the MuchMusic Video awards in Toronto (Molina has since turned himself in to police). This came after a heated discussion wherein Will.I.Am asked Perez to lay off the band on Perez’s site (Perez bashed the BEP’s new CD and called Fergiefugly Fergie”), and Perez responded by calling Will.I.Am a “fag.” Perez called the cops after the attack, then went right to Twitter, asking his fans to do the same. That move has lead to lots of eye rolls and rationalizations and aforementioned jokes. (From Newsweek and

Now, Perez probably shouldn’t have said some things, and probably shouldn’t have ran to Twitter, but he was an upset Internet icon. How else was he supposed to handle it? People do irrational things in upsetting situations.

Incoming! John Mayer. The wishywashy crooner who claims to be tender and sensitive blamed Perez for the assault. “P!nk kneed me in the nuts outside Chateau Marmont. I was pissing blood for days. Did I make a scene?” Mayer asked in a Twitter post.

Later, he and Hilton got into a rapid back and forth Twitter conversation (get lives). Mayer got up on his high horse and tweeted about teaching Perez how to handle himself in tough situations. The worst part is that Mayer’s little sermons comes from this weird, faux-concerned place of condescending kindness. “From the heart, what you experienced these last 24 hrs is a profound lack of control. You can’t blog the world, my friend,” writes Mayer. John Mayer is being a douche.

Perez is responding with a maturity that he normally lacks. “Karma would be me losing my site and going bankrupt or what have u…Karma is not getting punched in the face,” he tweeted.

John Mayer is telling Perez what abused and raped women have heard since the dawn of time. “If you didn’t nag or wear your skirt so short these things wouldn’t happen to you.” The reasoning that it’s the victim’s fault is sick and wrong. John Mayer is no better than a womanizer in his comments to Perez.

Most violence comes during some sort of argument. In agruments things often get said out of anger and heat of the moment. These things are often out of line and hurtful, but that doesn’t make hitting someone right.

There is a HUGE difference between a verbal beating and a physical one.

I know Perez is annoying and can be a bit of an asshole on his site. I understand that the BEPs are mad because they spent a year on this new album that Perez ripped to shreds, but Perez liked their old stuff. Maybe Perez does have a knack for being objective? Hmm, who knew?

Maybe Perez should watch what he says to people, and calling Will.I.Am that word was wrong, but it’s not up to us to make sure the person we’re with isn’t going to hit us when we get in a fight. Abstaining from violence should be taught to everyone from day 1. (Maybe T.I. needs to go have a chat with the BEPs and their entourage…?)

Why can’t we ever just support the victim? If someone hits someone else, no matter what happened before, the person who got hit is a victim and should be supported. Violence is wrong. Hands down. That’s it. Will.I.Am’s body guard should be held accountable for his actions.


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