Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Michael Jackson passed away today at UCLA medical center after going into cardiac arrest in his home.

I know that many feel like Jackson was crazy and a pedophile but that’s not the way I saw him. From all of his press, and his testimonies I feel as if Jackson really was just a lonely man. I don’t think he sexually abused children, I think he honestly wanted to play with them because he himself was robbed of a childhood. Look at his crazy father? Look at how he shields his children from the media so they can be “normal.”

I think the parents of Jackson’s accusers put them up to it for one reason: Greed.

Sure Jackson had some problems, more than we will probably ever know, but he was a human being, why couldn’t we just give him some respect. He has psychological issues but his family, and the public weren’t supportive and he spiraled downhill.

For all of this tough times and all of his faults, Jackson deserves respect for what he brought the world.

In the media’s attention to his flaws it was easy for us all to forget what a truly AMAZING musician Jackson was in his time. He had 13 number 1 hits, I don’t think he ever made a bad album. He was a cultural icon. A hero for a whole generation of up and coming musicians.

Let’s focus on Jackson’s professional triumphs, not the flaws in his personal life. Let’s let him rest in peace.

Update: Jackson left the Beatles songbook to Paul McCartney in his will. If this doesn’t prove most of what I said about him, I don’t know what does. Michael Jackson was tragically misunderstood.


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