Thoughts from my back deck…

I’m sitting on a lounge chair on my back deck (yes, the photo for this post is a view off of my back deck). It’s gorgeous outside right now. Not even the fact that I have a 100-page thesis and the GREs hanging over my head can ruin this very moment.

There’s no mosquitoes (which is rare for upstate NY), a slight breeze, and as the sun sets the clouds are making this bright orange swirl pattern that reminds me of a tie-dye t-shirt. My neighbor is playing techno from the 90s…but I don’t care, because it’s finally not raining.

I would be perfectly content sitting in this spot, not forever, but for a while.

I’m thinking about swinging by Rainbow Delights to get some frozen yogurt? Want to come?

There’s an ant crawling on the gas tank under my grill. He looks confused.

There’s a robin taking a bath in the stream that leads to the pond in my backyard.

The second I walk outside in the sun, even as it’s setting, I get all kinds of freckles all over my cheekbones. It took me 21 years, but I’m finally beginning to like them. When I was younger I used to pile on makeup to make them disappear, to no avail.

I need to renew the AppleCare on my computer. I don’t care what any of you techies tell me, I will never not own a Mac. Got it?

I had a dream last night that Meg and I were living in NYC and it was like Sex and the City. She was Samantha and I was Carrie (obviously). I know our lives aren’t going to be even close to that glamorous, but I still relish the fact that a year from now Meg and I will be living in NYC, finally starting our lives, and heading out to do what we want to do. Everything I have done in my life has been adding up to that moment and I can’t wait. I’m excited for senior year of college but I am so ready for NYC to happen.

My neighbor is still playing ’90s techno. I feel like I’m in an Eastern European night club.

My friends from the Borders I used to work at while I was at home are nerding out and making T-shirts tomorrow to wear to the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere. I’m pretty excited all things considered. I wanted to go out to Buffalo and see it with Meg but because it’s on a Wednesday and I work all the time, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it, which makes me sad. Meg and I are masters at a little game called “Harry Potter and the Order of Drunkenness.”

Tomorrow is Monday. Weekends are too short.

I’m sipping a Molson. Delish.

I wish every summer night could be as simple as this one.


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