Au Revior Paris!

As some of you may know from some of my earlier posts (like THIS and THIS) I’ve been (reluctantly) following “Paris Holton’s My new BFF” on MTV, because my hometown girl, Kaitlin Cassidy, has been a contestant and I’ve been watching her successes, and I guess, failures for The Gazette.

Last night poor Kaitlin succumbed to haters and drama and was finally eliminated from the show after weeks of close calls. Here’s my write-up for The Gazette:

Saratoga native, Kaitlin Cassidy, has been vying for one of the most intriguing prizes in reality TV, a chance to be celebutante Paris Hilton’s new best friend forever.

For those who haven’t been glued to MTV every Tuesday night at 10 to watch all the drama unfold on “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”, Cassidy got sent home last night after just five episodes, most of which were spent targeting Cassidy for various reasons, such as the reality TV kiss of death “being fake,” and some even accused her of lying.

In her exit interview for MTV Cassidy said that the way they edited and portrayed all the instances on the show were not completely accurate and she says that she and castmate Stephen are still friends even though they look like enemies on film.

“The best times I had during this entire experience were when the cameras were off! One of my favorite memories is making everyone breakfast every day, no matter what happened the night before. They never show that,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy said that while her stint on the show was fun, it was also tedious and exhausting. “I think people have this idea of reality TV like it’s all fun, games and parties. Although that’s a big part of it, it’s also very tedious and stressful,” she said.

One of the events that led to Cassidy’s demise was footage from her casting interview where she said she had betrayed an ex-friend. This footage seemed to call her out as a liar as it contradicted what she told Paris during some bonding time.

“As for my casting footage, I could blog all day about how it was edited, what they did to it to make it look and sound the way it did. But shame on me for my foolishness in that tape and giving producers and editors even more material to work with,” Cassidy said.

“You barely ever get on reality TV for being some perfect, God-loving creature. I knew I would have to be controversial to get on the show. And hey, I guess it worked. I would still like to apologize to anyone who my words offended. It wasn’t the way I wanted to go out, but it is what it is. I still don’t agree with how and why I was eliminated,” she continued.

Cassidy was sent home just after Paris made her BFF hopefuls spend a day in jail to help them understand how hard her own 27 days in the slammer were.

Cassidy hopes everyone keeps tuning in and said “I may be gone…for now.”

What does that mean? All Cassidy can say is, “you shouldn’t end your BFF experience here. Keep watching.”


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