I’m wearing crankypants…

I am not very pleased today so I’m not really going to write anything other than this:

-It’s been raining for what seems like YEARS. And I’m not even talking like showers, I’m talking full-fledged Indian monsoon season, monsoons of doom. My yard looks like Lake George.

-I have to finish my story for The Gazette on popular Capital Region beaches, but I can’t get any person-on-the-street sources because it’s raining and no one is on the beaches.

-I have to go to the Farmers Market in downtown Schenectady for the Schenectady County water tasting competition, in the rain.

-I am going blind. My mother thinks I need glasses, and I tend to agree. I can’t see anything.

-My wisdom teeth are finally deciding to come in, and they HURT. Like, not even teething aching, but hurt so bad that I can barely eat. The upside: getting my wisdom teeth out means 2 days off of work…as soon as I find a new dentist because my kid dentist won’t see my anymore. I’m starving. This sucks.

Conclusion: I love my job but my physical ailments and the rain are not making me a happy camper today.

Until tomorrow…

P.S. Sorry for whining.

One upside of today.


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