The Cleavers called. They want their lives back.

You know what irks me?

People my age (20-22) who act like they’re married.

Now, I am not anti-relationship, and I am certainly not opposed to being in a serious relationship. But when you’re young, as I am, there’s a difference between being in a serious relationship and acting like Ward and June Cleaver.

I know people who have been dating for over a year and they’re practically married. They don’t hang out with their friends anymore, the only person they stay in legitimate contact with is their significant other and they blow everyone else off. Their lives revolve around each other instead of the things you should be focusing on in your early 20s, school (college, grad school), future job options, your friends, and having fun.

I can’t even tell you how many people I know who aren’t even legal to drink in the United States yet but are wrapped up into doomed relationships that seem more like shotgun weddings.

Why do I say doomed? BECAUSE if you spend your youth solely focused on one person and one relationship to the point where you don’t ever allow yourself to truly be young and have fun, one day, down the road, you are going to begin to resent your partner for “stealing your youth” from you. This is going to spawn into mutual resentment which will snowball into a messy break-up, or God forbid a messy divorce and shared custody of the dog and kids.

Serious relationships are different. I am a firm believer that you can have a serious relationship in your early 20’s and have it be successful, but only if your lives don’t revolve around one another. You have to be able to not only go out and have fun together, but SEPARATELY, too. The only way a relationship can thrive when you’re young is if there’s a good amount of independence and space still available to each party.

It pains me when I see people my age who are in the all-encompassing marriage-type relationships because I just know that it’s doomed and that there’s going to be pain and heartbreak.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I don’t think so.

In other news, I get to see/meet Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow! He is giving a speech on the Federal Stimulus Plan at my old High School, Shenendehowa. SO EXCITED!

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