Dear readers,

I missed a milestone. My blog’s 100th post! For shame.

It’s kind of crazy that I’ve posted over a 100 things to this blog for the world to see. There are some things I probably shouldn’t have posted, and I’ve learned from it. There are some things I wish I’d posted, and I will. It’s just kind of surreal that my little personal blog has attracted over 2,500 views. People read what I write, and that’s really all I ever wanted, anyway.

There is nothing more thrilling to me than the thought of someone else, whether I know them or not, reading something I’ve written. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing a paper for school, an article for The Gazette or something more personal for this blog, I pour my heart and soul into everything I put into words. I don’t allow anything to be read by others unless I’m 110% proud of it.

Some people paint, dance, play a sport…I write. It’s just what I do. Even if I’m not typing, even if I don’t have a pen in hand, I am composing thoughts and sentences in my head. I narrate my own life (kind of like JD from “Scrubs”, but with correct grammar).

I love writing and I love this blog. I’m so grateful to have people who actually read it. I know 2,500 views isn’t a lot, but for me, a relatively shy, pants-hating, hippie-chic from New York who spews random thoughts about books, music, pop culture and her life into an Internet medium, it’s a really awesome accomplishment.

So thanks for reading!


P.S. I like and welcome comments, so feel free to leave them, good, bad, whatever.


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