Tough Love: Get off the Internet and get a life

We live in a world where if you want to be in touch with someone it’s impossible not to be. There’s Twitter, Facebook, email, text messaging and a slew of other options for keeping in touch with those who might not be in your immediate area.

Staying in touch is easy…which I like…because I’m busy almost all of the time.

I’m a big fan of the Internet for how it can bring a seemingly infinite amount of information to your fingertips and for the role it plays in allowing me to stay in touch with friends while we’re all off doing our own things this summer.

There is, however, one thing I hate about the Internet–dating websites.

I think they’re creepy, pointless and the worst thing to happen to the Internet since MySpace or Al Gore claiming to have invented it.

I won’t lie, I made an OKCupid account about a year ago to see what all the hype was about, and I promptly deleted it after 2 days.

The people on there are shady and don’t seem real—in a weird Hannibal Lector, “I’ll exaggerate my good traits to make up for the fact that I eat brains” kind of way. If you can’t find a significant other in the organic way then maybe you should look to improving yourself as a person of substance before trying to hook-up with other equally as shady people via the Internet. Maybe I just don’t trust strangers.

I feel like there are some people who truly think they can meet a great person on the Internet and maybe you can…but have you seen 90 percent of the people on these websites (free and/or paid)? They all just seem so fake. Like they’re trying to overcompensate for something.

In a way, I think it’s pathetic.

It might sound kind of mean but whenever I hear about couples who met on the Internet I immediately think two things: 1. they were too lazy to step away from HALO long enough to go out and meet people or 2. there is something really wrong with them that makes them incapable of handling social situations.

Whenever I ask people why they use dating websites the most common answer I get is “Oh, I’m shy and it helps.”

Well, you know what? I’m shy, too, but at one point in your life you have to grow up and learn to deal with it.

Why do people think that just because the Internet is here it’s okay to cop out and give up. I mean unless you live on a secluded cattle ranch in Kansas where you’re out numbered by cows 8-1 I don’t see why you can’t just go out, join a community activity and meet someone. When you started high school or college did you sit on the Internet and find friends? No. You joined clubs and put yourself out there. Dating is no different.

If you use dating websites I don’t judge you. If you truly feel that it’s your only option for getting a date or finding companionship go ahead, give it a shot. I’m not here to tell you what to do, it’s a free country.

All I’m saying is that from my experience dating websites seem like kind of a sham. Why should you pay some company an outrageous amount of money to meet someone who is 1. probably all wrong for you 2. possibly a sex offender and 3. definitely a bit odd, when you can go to any local bar on a Friday night and meet all of the above for FREE and have them buy you drinks.

I’m being moderately sarcastic here, but my point still stands. What is the point of a dating website? Why does someone need to HELP you find a mate when all you have to do is go out and be yourself and one will find you.

Now, I’m single, but I date. Honestly, if I can find people to spend my time with on a Friday night, you can too. Ask anyone, I can be pretty socially awkward with my dry sense of humor and conversational rivers flowing with sarcasm.

I just don’t understand why people feel the need to gush about their personality on a website in the hopes that Mr. or Miss “Right” will stumble upon it and sweep them off their feet in some puff of Fahrenheit.

“But that’s your problem,” my friend, an avid OKCupid enthusiast tells me. “You just don’t understand.”

Maybe I don’t understand, but I don’t think I want to.


One comment

  1. Sarah · September 8, 2010

    LOL, I made an account on OKcupid and when all my potential matches came back, they all looked like they could be my brother or close relative. Im thinking, “I didnt realize this was a find your long lost relatives or 3rd cousin site!!” WTF. Great post! “If you were looking for your clone or a possible love child your father had back when, wait….. I think we just found it, yup 99% match!!!!”

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