Odysseus, Kings of Leon and Canada

Here it is–the last day of summer and honestly, I couldn’t be more ready for this season to be over. I had my fun, but I’m ready to buckle down, get on with school, and be one step closer to graduating.

This past weekend I learned that before one goes out and lets “unpublished writers” by her Long Island Iced Teas all night, one should eat more than a Tim Horton’s chocolate chip cookie beforehand. In addition, I found out that when intoxicated I tell my own version of Homer’s Odyssey which includes Odysseus telling the cyclops to “suck his dick,” and also involves a narrator’s perspective which explains that “if Odysseus had big hairy balls the Cyclops would be coughing up hairballs for a week.” I apparently also think that Vanilla Ice is cooler than the Prophet Isaiah.

I also learned that it’s completely okay to decide to go to a concert in Canada at 6 p.m. when the show starts at 8 p.m. and the Canadian location is 1.5 hours away. It’s fun to be spontaneous…plus, the Kings of Leon will never disappoint.

I also learned that I can read 200 pages of a history textbook in 45 minutes and STILL absorb all of the information and that if I take a few deep breaths and let certain things roll off my back I can enjoy my job at Borders.

I’m ready to keep learning things about myself and to be done with Undergrad. I’m loving being 21 and going out with my friends, working on my thesis, my classes, Borders, and especially working at The Spectrum and doing random, spontaneous things like going to see the Kings of Leon in Canada a mere 2 hours before the show started with shitty mapquest directions and getting my life saved by a friendly Tim Horton’s worker who told me where the QEW was so I could make it back to America.

I FINALLY feel young and exuberant, ready to live and learn…it’s a nice feeling to have the perfect balance of school, work and play…


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