Instant Gratification: The American Problem

President Obama just can’t catch a break. He catches grief from the right for pushing policies and ideas that are too “socialist” and now he’s getting crap from the left because in his first 10 months of presidency “he hasn’t done anything,” or so they claim. SNL even commented on the President’s apparent non-action in a very funny skit on last Saturday’s show.

Now, I know technically nothing has gone through the Senate officially but our country is such a hot mess right now that I find it astounding that people, particularly people who make their living off of being political analysts, don’t see that Obama’s hesitation to take action is actually what’s best for the country.

Rome wasn’t built in a day just like our country can’t be fixed in just 10 months. I think the mere fact that he’s even got a plan is astounding. The Health Care debate is really tricky, as are the gay marriage, gays in the military and the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Obama is showing signs of real leadership in taking his time, hearing arguments from all sides and not making hast decisions.

Former president George W. Bush made hasty decisions and we all saw how that turned out. Obama is being careful. He doesn’t want to shove the country into further issues. The Cash for Clunkers program was set up quickly and it ended up not benefiting the economy like it was supposed to. He learned from mistakes and is not repeating him. He has also denied escalating troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please tell me how that is a bad thing?

President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today and already people are taking to the news media and even Twitter, voicing their distaste with the committee’s decision–It’s too early, he hasn’t done anything, etc..

Now, while I agree that perhaps the award could have waited until towards the end of his presidency, it was still a solid choice. Obama is not committing anymore troops in the Middle East and has a plan to remove troops when he feels it can be done safely and peacefully. At a UN summit he gave a speech on nuclear disarmament even after receiving information that Iran had a uranium enrichment plant. No matter what has happened he has always had peace at the forefront of his mind and not just on a global scale. In his domestic policies he is working within BOTH political parties even though he doesn’t need to. He has a majority in both the House and the Senate. He could, for all intensive purposes, pull an Andrew Jackson and do whatever the hell he wants, but he doesn’t because he cares about making this country a singularly operating cohesive unit.

So while the Nobel Committee may have been jumping the gun in their decision, I don’t think they made a mistake. I think they predicted the future. America elected Barack Obama, but in true American fashion they want instant gratification. Well, things don’t happen over night and with the tricky issues that Obama is facing, things don’t happen in 10 months either. Plus, think of the international leverage a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE will give him.

Obama is doing the best he can with what he has all while trying to keep peace and fix the awful mess that this country is in. What did Bush do in his first 10 months? Oh yeah, send a gazillion U.S. troops to Iraq and basically ignore the Afghan threat putting America in a very precarious position. What did Clinton do in his first 10 months? About the same as Obama has.

It’s not fair to ask Obama to do more than is possible in such a short amount of time just because his election felt like a breath of fresh air. We need to stop being so critical and give the man time.

Chill out people. Change is coming…but it’s coming diplomatically and peacefully. This is not the French Revolution, you know.


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