"Weird things…"

It’s recently come to my attention that I like “weird things.” Now, I don’t think the things I like are all that weird, but after spending over 20 hours a week trapped in a cramped college newspaper office surrounded by all kinds of people and going out on a handful of dead-end dates (and being told that I like “weird things”) I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s not them…it’s me? Is it me?

So to compile public opinion I am creating a list of the things that I have been told I’m “weird” for enjoying. In order beginning with the most frequently deemed “weird.”
1. George Lopez
2. The smell of library books
3. Greek salad (to the point of eating it daily)
4. Michael Musto
5. Bob Dylan’s Christmas album
6. The color yellow
7. Modern Marvels on the History Channel
8. Gossip Girl
9. Pillows that are shaped like fish
10. The New Jersey Devils (not too shocking as I am currently in Buffalo)
11. The words “shibby” and “cloister”
13. Detective Stabler from Law & Order: SVU
14. Celine Dion singing in French
15. Plain oatmeal
16. Thinking Chuck Klosterman is sexy while Bradd Pitt is not
17. Thinking Seth Rogen is sexy
18. Not wearing pants
19. Color-coding my day planner
20. The New York Giants (again, not so weird, I’m in Buffalo)
Am I really that weird? These all seem like perfectly logical things to me…but then again I’m used to me. What is “weird” anyway?
What’s with the hater-ade?
Maybe I think you’re weird for liking Internet dating? Or maybe I think you’re weird for liking brussel sprouts. I think both of these things are disgusting but I would never call you “weird”…to your face.
Man, people are weird.
Taylor Hanson was right…”we’re all just a little bit weird sometimes.”

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