World AIDS Day 2009

I’m not going to sit here and write a lengthy post about the pandemic that AIDS has become. I’m not going to go on an endless tirade about how HIV/AIDS is a big problem in the U.S. but it doesn’t even COMPARE to the problem in Africa. I’m not going to point out that while we have a surplus of AIDS medications readily available third-world and African nations don’t, making HIV/AIDS and even bigger problem. In the U.S. people can live for decades with HIV/AIDS and not even know the difference. Modern medicine is wonderful. In some countries the disease is an almost instant death sentence. They have maybe a handful of years.

I’m not going to lecture about safe sex and being open with your partner about your sexual history. Everyone can make their own choices. All I’m going to say is that today is World AIDS Day. The one day a year where it’s okay to talk about it. Get tested. Know your status. Talk to you significant other/booty call about your status and help support efforts to bring HIV/AIDS medicines to the countries that need it the most.
Be safe. Be responsible. Help those in need. Stay healthy and keep your loved ones healthy, too.
Seriously. There are hundreds if not thousands of free HIV testing clinics going on today. Take advantage of one.
Bono would approve.

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