America the ignorant

I wrote a story for today’s issue of The Spectrum on the shocking defeat of the Gay Marriage bill by the New York State Senate (HERE). As I was researching, talking to people and writing this article I felt myself compelled to insert my opinion–but I couldn’t. It was so very frustrating.

However, in this venue I can have an opinion, and an opinion I shall have.
Gay marriage is, simply put, a civil rights issue. Denying homosexuals the right to marry is the same as denying someone the right to vote because of their skin color. Homosexuals don’t deserve to be forced to sit in the back of the civil rights bus. They’ve protested, they’ve rallied, they’ve gone Rosa Parks all over your ass, yet you still deny them this right? Seriously?
And don’t give me any of your Jesus mumbo-jumbo. Jesus taught one thing: Love. Love is never wrong. How is the love a man has for another man, or a woman has for another woman any different than heterosexual love? Oh right, it’s not. At all. Ever.
Eight Democrats voted “no” on the Bill and I can only guess it’s because they were thinking more about re-election than what’s morally and ethically right. Politics disgust me. They always get in the way of what’s right. The ability to make a decision based on what’s right instead of based on what will give you the most political gain died with the American Revolution and George Washington. It’s disgusting.
Epic fail New York State Senate. I’m not even a fan of the institution of marriage and even I know that if someone wants to pledge their love to another person and have it be validated in the eyes of the law they should be able to–no matter what. If a man wants to marry a man, let him. If a woman wants to marry a woman, sure.
There’s so much hate in this world already, why can’t we recognize ALL KINDS of love. We’re fighting two wars in the Middle East, the divorce rate is the highest it’s ever been, yet we consciously deny a large demographic of people the right to shout their love from the rooftops with a fairytale wedding that’s not only seen as legitimate by the people gathered around them but by their government, too.
As my fellow Spectrum editor, Shane Fallon, points out in his column (HERE), Iowa (a cornfield middle American haven) did it. Why can’t New York?
It’s just wrong. So very, very wrong.
NY Senate, when the bill comes back around in 2011 you better have removed your heads from your asses. Please. Do what’s right. It’s not hard. Vote yes.
While it’s a shame that homosexuals in New York will now have to wait until 2011, in the mean time call, e-mail, and write your local Senators and Congressmen and urge them to vote “yes.” It’s the least we call can do.

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