Dear Robert Downey Jr.,

Why are you so sexy? I didn’t think anyone could upstage Mr. Jude Law, but you certainly did. (He did look kind of funny with the mustache.)

Sherlock Holmes wasn’t even as good as I thought it was going to be (the plot kind of dragged throughout the first half and the fight scenes were too choppy) but man oh man…you made the whole movie. Plus, nice job perfecting that sarcastic comedic timing. *Swoon* Come over later?
The casting was the best part of the movie. Jude Law was a perfect Watson to your even more perfect Sherlock. Rachel McAdams was even pretty good as Irene…you guy played off the chemistry nicely.
Director Guy Ritchie did a really nice job with focusing the camera on important pieces of evidence without being too painfully obvious about it, too. It was kind of like a feature-length version of “Criminal Minds” only with more attractive people…though Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid might be able to give you a run for your money.
All I’m saying is that while your movie (which I was really excited about) wasn’t as good (plot-wise) as I had anticipated you’re still a very sexy and talented man.
If you ever need a dinner date, you can call me…but only if you use that adorable British accent that you failed to perfect, but can still pull off.

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