Ohm Shanti Shanti. Hello, 2010.

Well blogland, it’s time that I boldly go where many, many, many bloggers have gone before–I’m going to compose my list of New Year’s Resolutions…mostly because I feel as if publishing them in a semi-public forum will help me keep them. Maybe.

I, like many red-blooded Americans, have never kept a New Year’s Resolution in my LIFE…but I’m 21 now. It’s time I grew up and got on with the self-improvement, don’t you think?
So while my list won’t be as humorous as Michael Musto’s, it will still be just as honest and (hopefully) I’ll keep them.
1. Lose weight. I think this is on EVERYONE’S list but it’s particularly important to me. I want to feel good about myself as myself and not have to continue searching Buffalo-area bars for male validation. I’ve already lost 15 pounds…I don’t talk about it really because I don’t want to jinx it, but at this point, I could use the support…so there you have it.
2. Decide what I’m going to do with my life post-May 31 2010. I’ll be a college graduate. Yikes.
3. Go on more dates with people who I don’t see myself connecting with. I want to experience all kinds of people, plus I want the funny story repertoire so I finally have something to talk about at all the dinner parties I don’t go to.
4. Write something truly epic for either The Spectrum or The Daily Gazette (or both). I’m already working on something really cool for The Gazette so all I need now is to dig up some drama on campus…
5. Finish my novel.
6. Stop being so stressed out and OCD. Case in point: When I went to see Sherlock Holmes with my family the other day, I spent a good 80 percent of the movie looking over at my Dad making sure he was enjoying it. Why? Because he NEVER goes out and I wanted to be sure that the one time he did, he had fun…because I’m weird and would feel terrible if he hated the movie. Yes, I know…there is something wrong with me.
7. Have more fun. I don’t want to stay in on Friday’s and Saturday’s getting raped by school work…I want to enjoy being 21. This should be easy as I’m taking BS classes this semester (i.e Rock Music).
8. Learn Zazen. I think it would help with numbers 1 and 6. Plus I’ve heard good things about what it can do for your health.
9. To stop being so damn addicted to police dramas like White Collar, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, etc… and get addicted to something semi-intellectual, like Charles Dickens or Andy Warhol…or maybe even David McCullough.
10. Resurrect my old CD collection (circa 1996-2006) and FINALLY upload them onto my iTunes…and then listen to them all recalling the fun-filled and potentially embarrassing memories of my youth.

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