What’s Good

It’s only been 2010 for less than a week but I’m already pretty obsessed with some new things and I thought I’d share:

1. Paramore’s cover of “Use Somebody.” — Not a fan of Paramore but I am OBSESSED with this cover. It’s beautiful.
2. V Magazine‘s Size Issue — With the tag line “every body is beautiful” what’s not to like? These girls are GORGEOUS.
3. The Lady Gaga Barbie makes me *almost* wish for children one day. Every young girl should be playing with this. No Ken…just disco/vertigo sticks.
4. The Love Fleece Victoria’s Secret robe — it’s so damn warm. It’s like a perpetual hug, which I LOVE.
5. SlimQuick — I shit you not…it works. I swear.
6. Minnetonka Moc Boots — warm and comfy, I LOVE them. (Thanks Mom)
7. Jimi Hendrix Bobble head — hours of entertainment
8. Looking for a funny gift that isn’t trite and doesn’t, by definition, blow? Try the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. If you’re keeping track at home, I want the Queen Elizabeth Little Thinker (she can keep my Shakespeare one company.)
9. Chamomile tea. I’ve been drinking it before bed and sleeping like a baby.
10. May 30, 2010. It needs to get here NOW. Why? CLICK HERE. I’m so done!
Sorry for the lame post–2010 hasn’t be exciting yet…except for that 3 feet of snow that Buffalo just got (and is still currently getting…)

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