JoBro no mo’

Our little Nick Jonas is growing up and striking out on his own in his new album “Who I Am.”

Nick formed a group of musicians who he told Rolling Stone, “understood his passion for music.” The group is called Nick Jonas and the Administration. Their first album dropped on Tuesday.
At 17, Nick is the youngest of his brothers (who took Disney, and the hearts of tween girls by storm) but his new album sounds anything but.
Admittedly, it’s not an album that’s going to go down in rock history as one of the greatest, but I’ll tell you this: it certainly doesn’t suck.
Out of ten tracks the sound is about 50-50. Half sound like Jonas Brothers jams while the other half sound like a bluesier version of John Mayer.
The first single and title track, “Who I Am,” sounds like the Jonas Brothers, which I can only assume was a strategic move to make the tween audience buy the album, but the rest of it is actually a pretty solid effort by the teenage heartthrob.
My favorite tracks include “Olive and an Arrow” and “Rose Garden” which show case Nick’s new maturity in his song writing. Another quality track is “State of Emergency,” where Nick tried to channel Stevie Wonder. He doesn’t totally succeed but it’s not a failure.
At best Nick’s new project is a mature step forward for him musically and an all around good listen. At worst it’s a mediocre attempt at stepping away from his brothers and his Disney fame.
Either way it’s a fairly good album and I enjoyed it.

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