Short anecdote from today…

So, tonight I was working at Borders when a customer came up to me. He was a tall, good looking guy with a sparkling smile and mousy black hair. He held his Blackberry up to me. It said: “I can’t hear. Can you show me where the music books are?”

Of course I took him to the section.
For the next 35 minutes or so we slowly conversed about our love of music. Me, listening intently and he carefully reading my lips.
This young man was fantastic. He loves music. His favorite artists are John Mayer and Train and he’s never even heard them. He reads their lyrics and connects that way. He explained to me that even though he can’t hear music he experiences it through reading the lyrics and the album art.
Music means just as much to him as it does to me but we have completely different experiences with it.
I don’t know why I’m sharing this, it was just one of those life moments that kind of changes your views on things. It opens your eyes to a different way of experiencing things.
So tonight I’m going to turn off all the noise, read some song lyrics, gaze at the album art and see what new perspectives I can discover…

One comment

  1. Ang · February 11, 2010

    And this, right here, is why iTunes should never mean the complete elimination of CDs and records. I sort of get it — I would be very, very sad if I couldn't see the artwork and read the liner notes on CDs.

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