2014 Olympics: A Gold Medal For "Making Whoopie"

Stumbled upon this gem on the Internet today.

It seems that the 2010 Olympic athletes have already gone through 100,000 condoms. That’s about 14 per each of the 7,000 athletes.
Reports say that this is the first time there’s been a shortage of the free condoms that are provided to the Olympians.
The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research is rush-shipping an additional 8,500 condoms to Vancouver so the athletes can continue to get their freak on.
Apparently free condoms to the athletes was a program instated at the 1992 Barcelona games when the AIDS epidemic was at its peak.
What cracks me up most about this is the sheer magnitude of condoms these horn dog athletes have gone through. 100,000 condoms is A LOT of sex–particularly when the media hypes these athletes as serious, hardworking, all practice and no play. But I guess even Olympic athletes need to unwind with a little naked play time.
Where do they find the time for it though? I mean, two weeks is really not that long in retrospect. 100,000 sexual acts in 2 weeks is roughly 7,142 sexual acts per day.
Just WHO has that much sex? Here are my guesses:
1. Alexander Ovechkin — Russian hockey star
2. Sidney Crosby — Canadian hockey star
3. Zach Parise — USA hockey star
4. Bode Miller — USA skier
5. Apolo Ohno — USA speed skater
6. Shani Davis — USA speed skater
7. Lindsey Vonn — USA skier (She is too hot not to be getting laid)
8. Shawn White — USA snowboarder
In 2014 F***ing is going to be an event. Just you wait.

One comment

  1. Meg · February 26, 2010

    you're welcome.i would bang the shit out of shawn white. even if he is a ginger.

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