Saw this YouTube video from a friend on Twitter.

Now, I’m a BIG FAN of the Brazilian bikini wax, but sticking crystals to your bajingo? WHAT?
When I first saw this two thoughts came to mind:
1. Waste of money
2. What’s the point?
It looks like those stick on crystals that teenagers stick to their cellphones or on their faces at Homecoming. Do guys really think this is hot?
Jennifer Love Hewitt says she hasn’t gotten any complaints about it but I feel like if I was a guy, and I slipped off a girls pants and saw a disco ball I would run away. It’s just really weird.
Really, really weird. Thoughts?


  1. Meg · March 4, 2010

    HAHAHAHAHA disco ball.

  2. Keeley · March 4, 2010

    I'd say, OK, I can see dumb girls liking this. But the one that the girl in the video got doesn't even look like anything. The least she could do was get it in the shape of a heart or something. GOSH.

  3. ainsley marie · March 11, 2010

    really really freaking weird. a. i'm now stalking you cause i don't see you. b. i found this vajazzle thing via stumbleupon and i had to watch it more then once asking myself "is this real life?" i'm pretty sure vajazzling is only for those attention whores who feel the need to direct attention to their hoohas. just saying =) and yea it legit looked like a disco ball.

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