Idolize RuPaul.

It’s not often I read The New York Times and get mad…but today I did. Nestled on page A16 was a story titled “Teachers Suspended Over Role Model Choice.”

Three teachers in South Los Angeles were suspended because of the role models they chose to showcase in the Black History Month parade.
One teacher chose O.J. Simpson–former athlete who was accused of killing his wife. Not exactly a role model, I suppose.
Another chose Dennis Rodman–basketball player misogynist who couldn’t stay away from a bad situation if he tried. He’s not really a role model either I suppose, but he’s better than O.J.
The third teacher chose RuPaul–the most famous drag queen in the world.
This really irks me. Why is RuPaul not a role model? He’s out in society being himself. He’s working towards human rights and equal rights for homosexuals. He’s living his life fairly. He’s not role model material because he likes to wear lipstick and high heels? Who cares? He’s confident in himself and he is himself. Isn’t that enough of a reason for him to be a role model?
I think so. Young children should be able to idolize anyone and everyone who has self-confidence.
I understand that because of controversy in the media that O.J. and Dennis are probably not the best role models, but RuPaul should be left out of this story. What’s wrong with idolizing him? It’s not like every little boy is going to grow up and put on mascara just by knowing who he is. That’s just not how it works. Any child psychologist can tell you that.
These teachers were accused of “poor judgment.” Poor judgment? I hope RuPaul is pissed, because I am.

One comment

  1. Meg · March 10, 2010

    dude seriously? wow, people really need to get those sticks out of their asses.

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