Speidi, Fail

I really hate Internet lingo, but all I can say about THIS is L-O-L.

For reasons that still remain a mystery to me Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (the fame-whore couple of doom from MTV’s “The Hills”) are following me on Twitter. Seriously. I woke up one morning to e-mails saying so. So, I followed them back.
Heidi’s latest tweet just popped up in my feed claiming she announced a “life changing decision.” So I clicked the link.
Apparently she fired her husband, Spencer, as her/his agent–he has been managing their careers for five years–in favor of a…wait for it…PSYCHIC.
Firing psycho Spencer=good decision
Hiring a psychic to help you make money = bad idea
See the difference Heidi?
Apparently this psychic, Aiden Chase, has really changed Heidi’s life. She told People:

“After the incredible experiences I have had healing my life and truly connecting to my dreams with healer intuitive Aiden Chase, I have officially asked him to become my manager. Having an intuitive psychic leading my team gives me an edge no one else has.”

Well, whatever works for you Heidi. I hope your psychic handles all your spiritual and monetary dilemmas…and I hope Spencer’s mad about it, because he’s only good for TV/the press when he’s complaining about something.

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