Team Gaga!

I write about Gaga a lot...but it's O.K. because I love her.

Lady Gaga’s alleged original “business partner/boyfriend” is suing her for $35 million, according to an Associated Press story. Talk about overkill.

Former producer Rob Fusari filed a suit claiming he helped push her to Interscope, came up with her stage name and dated her. (Have you SEEN him? Gaga probably wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole!) He already has 20 percent song royalties, what else does he want? Her Alexander McQueen talon heels, too? A kidney? Her first-born?

Notice how this suit comes up not AFTER her five number one hits. Nope. Popular acclaim doesn’t seem to matter to Mr. Fusari…he files it after she wins two Grammys–after her career has been solidified in the eyes of her musical peers and had proven to me more than a fad.

Shame on you Mr. Fusari for trying to rob Gaga what she has worked so hard for. Take your 20 percent and go try to produce a song for Britney or something. Find someone who needs the press. Gaga doesn’t need your drama.


One comment

  1. meg · March 27, 2010

    “i write about gaga a lot… but it’s ok because i love her.”

    i love you. fusari is an ass. gaga is god. the end.

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