48 Hour Magazine–calling all journalism nerds!

Is it possible to write, design, photograph, print and ship a full-length magazine in 48 hours? Find out May 9!

THIS has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen (Thanks, new Columbia friend who shared it with me via Facebook!)

It’s 48 Hour Magazine, a new media experiment where the creators will elicit help from people across the country to write, print and ship an entire magazine in 48 hours. So. Cool.

How it’s going to work is that on May 7 they will release a theme for the issue to those who signed up to partake. Contributors will have 24 hours to send in their stuff then over the next 24 hours the magazine’s editors will edit, illustrate, photograph and publish the magazine on their website and on hard copy form.

All the proceeds will go to whatever the contributors vote on.

I really hope it works because this could be the coolest media experiment since Twitter. According to their Twitter, they already have hundreds of people signed up and I’m proud to be one of them. I can’t wait until May 7 for my “assignment”!!!


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