Creep, creep yeahhh

The Internet is watching you.

The more I learn about the Internet the more it creeps me out…and the more it creeps me out the more I feel uncomfortable about the fact that I’m going to have to work very closely with it for (probably) the rest of my life…as print journalism may soon be a thing of the past (I hope not).

You can find anything about everything with a few choice words and the click of a button…it’s scary and disconcerting…especially when I hear about websites like This is by far the creepiest website I have seen since Google Earth.

You can search people by their name, e-mail address or phone number and pretty much everything about them comes up except their social security number. It links your e-mails to any social networking sites you use. It states the value of your home…and even your hobbies and interests. Hell, it even knows what kind of car my Dad drives.

It is slightly inaccurate though. If I search myself I find that I live in Mechanicville, NY (close, but no), I’m a Leo (Try Virgo) and that my parents’ house is worth $1 million (Try, not even close)…but despite those minor inaccuracies it’s otherwise spot on. It knows I like to read. It knows that I vote. It knows that I go to UB and will soon go to Columbia. It even found a family portrait I put on MySpace and then took off MySpace upwards of seven years ago.

The Internet is a black hole of information and if Spokeo and prime time police dramas have taught us anything it’s that once something is on the Internet it never really goes away. The Internet boggles my mind. I’m still not even sure how or why it even works (Wizards? Unicorns? Dementors?)…the only thing I do know is that I think TLC wrote “Creep” about it.


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  1. Mazarine · May 21, 2010

    I think you can get Spokeo to take all of your info off there, I’m pretty sure.

    I went to a marketing presentation with a guy named John Jantsch who wrote Duct Tape Marketing, and his new book is called Referral Engine, and he said, and I quote, “You need to be able to control the first 3 pages of search results about you.”

    So you write a lot of articles, you have your own blog, you comment on other blogs. And you bury anything negative any one could possibly say about you.

    And don’t put your data on facebook. In fact, leave facebook. Really. That’s the most unsafe place of all!


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