Good times and bad times

What would you say if Dave shows went back to being fun?

This year Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is cracking down on pre-concert drinking and revelry…and to that I say…it’s about time.


Police put the new “no alcohol” rules in place for Friday and Saturday night’s Dave Matthews Band concert and it’s already cause an uproar…of sorts…because we all know that (sadly) my generation would rather complain than act…and it’s really their fault that this happened in the first place.

The annual two-day “Dave” show is known for it’s fun-filled festival type atmosphere where concert goers convene in the park before the concert and have a few “select” beverages, play some beer pong and smoke something herbal. I used to go. It used to be FUN when just Dave fans went and everything was relaxed and under control. Unfortunately the concert got bigger than itself and everyone (fans and non fans) seemed to forget that this was a concert and not a huge drunken block party. For the past few years there have been rapes, assaults and hundreds of arrests at each show. It’s getting unsafe and ridiculous and it’s why I don’t attend anymore.

Cracking down on the excessive partying is the best idea New York state has ever had. Really.

One fellow 21 year old said in this Times Union story that alcohol is only banned so police can give out tickets and collect more money for the state. While that may be partly true my peers are missing the bigger picture: SPAC during Dave is a HOT MESS and something needed to be done about it.

The show somehow morphed from a two day concert into a two day beer-lympics/bar fight.

I for one am glad my government and my law enforcement are doing something to lessen the chance that people are going to get hurt. It’s about time the police stepped up and helped fix what was broken.


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