BP: The Titanic of Oil Spills

Bye, bye birdies

I’m not a scientist. I’m not an oil tycoon. I’m not well-versed on environmental situations but even if I was I STILL don’t think I would understand why this BP oil spill is such a mess. How, exactly, has this situation gotten so out of control? I mean with a contraption that high-tech, that important and that (apparently) combustable how does it not have a simple “off” switch or SOMETHING?

I’ve been reading about offshore oil platforms online in an attempt to understand how this “spill” happened. From what I’ve read (granted, it was Wikipedia) I don’t understand why there’s not some way for an emergency stop of the drilling.  I’ve heard people ask BP executives this very question, too and they answer with that this oil platform was supposed to be indestructable so they didn’t think a “stop” valve was necessary.

HELLO. Remember when they called the Titanic “unsinkable” and then it hit an iceberg and a hundreds of people died because there weren’t enough lifeboats? Good call BP, good call. I’m really glad we let you drill in our gulf when you have such intelligence and forethought behind your machinery.

I just LOVE all their suggestions for stopping it like shooting garbage at it (let’s muck up the ocean some more) or trying to contain it with some kind of tank…both of which were massive failures. Let’s think about this people. (SNL did a hilarious cold open about the plans.)

Though I suppose it’s not totally BP’s fault. No one wants to look at the rigs so they get pushed farther and farther out to sea so a spill is harder to deal with. Plus, even though we SHOULDN’T be drilling offshore the U.S. AT LEAST needs to regulations for offshore equipment…like maybe some back up plans and that “off” button.

This whole situation is completely disheartening.


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