Lady Gaga Wears Pants!

Holy. Crap.

Lady Gaga (my love) has done it again with her new video for “Alejandro”–and perhaps the most shocking moment isn’t when her bra top protrudes machine guns from the nipples…it’s when she’s wearing pants for a sold minute and a half out of the nine minute video.

Gaga and I share a certain hatred for les pantalons so I understand the artistic sacrifice.

Gaga is stylin' in her machine gun bra.

“Alejandro” is another artsy and wonderful Gaga epic. There’s Gaga carrying a bloody heart, a coffin, dancing soldiers, men in high heels provocatively grinding on metal military issue hospital beds of yesteryear. It’s wonderful and (as usual) Gaga looks beautiful.

Good work Gaga. Keep proving to the world why I love you so much.


One comment

  1. mairghread ryan · June 8, 2010

    it’s like watching the kgb in an orgy with the english monarchy and catholic church. I LOVE IT!

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