Graduation Present?

Metro condoms: Making subways sexy since 2010

The Village Voice had a great post on its blog “Runnin’ Scared” tonight where it showcased a number  of (obviously VERY unironic) pieces of subway “clothing.” From token jewelry to T-Shirts to infant clothing…it’s a NYC tourist shop owners wet dream. Now visitors can take home pretty much ANYTHING to remind them of their time in the big city.

My personal favorite? The condoms. HILARIOUS (see left).

So, as many of you know, I am moving to Manhattan on Aug. 4. You may want to purchase one of these (very high fashion) items for me while I prepare to embark on my new journey through post-undergrad adulthood.

If you get me a T-Shirt I can wear it to work and learn the subway system before I move…and look like a total d-bag. 🙂


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