Rob people? No big.

Bernie's first NY Mag cover

I was reading the story in the latest issue of New York Magazine about Bernie Madoff (“Bernie Madoff, Free At Last”) and I am completely repulsed. It was a wonderful and well-written story and (as an aspiring journalist) I’m glad that Steve Fishman had the foresight to handle the story the way he did but the story itself made me sick.

Madoff’s prison “situation” is probably one of the things in this country that upsets me the most. If you have money, you don’t have to serve “real” jail time.

Madoff ran a $65 million ponzi scheme for 20 years, openly admits that he doesn’t feel sorry for his victims yet he’s sitting in a “prison” with a spa, a library, a volley ball court and pool tables. In all likelihood his cell is nicer than my Harlem apartment. And he’s living there…for FREE…for the next 150 years.

He doesn’t even feel bad for his victims and he claims he’s “a businessman, not a conman.”

Nice. It really sounds like he deserves  to be treated like a King in prison…which he IS. He’s making “friends” who think he’s a “God” because he seems like Robin Hood because he took from the rich. But he’s not a good guy. He didn’t do anything philanthropic with his wads of money. He kept it. He probably rolled around naked in it. Which would be fine–if he had EARNED it by working hard. But he didn’t. He stole it.

And now taxpayers are shelling out money for good ol’ Bernie to rot in prison–in style. It’s disgusting. They should have thrown him in a cell without any perks. Why does there need to be a separation between “white collar” crimes and others? Okay, so don’t put Bernie in a wing with murderers and pedophiles? But why should he get a fancy cell?

No, he didn’t kill anyone. But he did ruin lives. Just because he didn’t do anything violent doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be treated like the criminal he is. We need the SAME prison for all convicts. No more of this getting off easy crap.

Maybe this is kind of sadistic of me but I feel like people rarely get what they deserve. I really don’t wish ill on people but it’s frustrating when you always work hard and play by the rules when others cheat, lie and float by all while making money for getting off scott free.

Yes, Bernie Madoff deserved his 150 year sentence, but should be be playing pool and chilling out with other “non-threatening” criminals? No. Why? Because he said this:

“”F— my victims. I carried them for 20 years and now I’m doing 150 years.”




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