You got iced!

This guy got Iced when he tried to study!

Calling all creative process servers who love their jobs, Jersey Shore wannabes and all bros!

There’s a new drinking game for you! It’s called “Icing” and it involves bottles of Smirnoff Ice and the element of surprise.

You must hide a bottle of Smirnoff Ice somewhere or stealthily present it to your friend. When they receive it they must take a knee and chug it…no ifs, ands or buts…unless they present a rebuttal bottle.

According to, the official rules of Icing are:

1. You cannot refuse an Ice. If you refuse an Ice you are instantly excommunicated and shunned, and thus can never Ice another bro or be Iced.

2. If you are Iced by a fellow bro you can Ice block. When presented with an Ice you pull out an Ice of your own and reverse the Ice on your bro. The ultimate Ice insult.

This “game” has gone viral (The New York Times even did a story about it) and even pops up at weddings, in bros’ gym bags, luggage…you name it dudes and ladies are Icing each other all day every day.

Not sure how I feel about this. Smirnoff Ice is pretty gross…but the concept is funny…and creative.

Who will you Ice next? And how?


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