America sticks it to the British (2010 edition)

Pres. Obama examining the beach damage in the gulf thanks to BP.

Finally, if only for this evening, President Obama is being the president I hoped he would be when I voted for him back in November of 2008. Tonight, in this first Oval Office address where he outlined the oil spill outrage in the gulf he was the hard-assed yet pragmatic leader I’ve wanted him to be since he took office.

Thank you, President Obama, for finally standing up and being the leader we need you to be…just don’t crumble under BP pressure during your meeting tomorrow.

Obama outlined his oil plan in three parts: clean up, recovery and restoration and prevention.

In all aspects he says he’s going to make sure BP pays for all of it, including clean up, restoration and any damages to the standard of living to those in the gulf who depend on the ocean to maintain their livelihoods–including fishermen, shrimpers, restaurant owners and hotel owners.

If the American people pay for ANY of this I am going to be very upset. I am so glad that Obama is refusing to pay for any of the clean up…aside from the 17,000 national guard members that he sent down and the 30,000 workers.

Obama is right. This oil spill IS an epidemic. It’s going to take a while to get rid of it but we will if we hold BP responsible but all work together.

I also really hope that Obama sticks to his plan to restructure the leadership of the MMS. The MMS, right now, pretty much feeds into the oil industry’s egos and lets them make their own rules. I’m glad that Obama is going to hold Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, responsible for turning the oil industry regulator into a watchdog and not a partner.

What this whole situation really boils down to is that we need to stop being so dependent on fossil fuels. They’re finite resources anyway so why we haven’t switched over already boggles my mind. We’ve known for decades that we’re too dependent on oil that we don’t have and that when it runs out we’re basically screwed. We need to stop deep-sea drilling and start tapping into geothermal energy, wind turbines and water power. We need to stop driving SUVs and pick up some smart cars. Ride a bike. Boycott BP. Take a walk.

Obama talked a lot about this stuff…about shaping and controlling our own destinies…about sticking it to BP and make sure they’re held responsible.

I just hope he really meant it because it’s exactly what this country needs…and now.

And…just for fun…this hilarious video on what happens when BP execs spill coffee.



  1. Rachel Lamb · June 15, 2010

    They should throw a Sham-Wow over the oil spill. Just sayin’.

    • Caitlin · June 15, 2010

      haha! YES!

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