SAT is to test as this study is to ridiculous

Is the SAT racist? No, it sucks for everyone.

Roy Freedle, a research psychologist, thinks the SAT is racist. Now I took the SAT…twice…and I don’t think the SAT is racist. I think it hates everyone and is out to ruin everyone’s life.

Freedle’s “study” claims this: “Hard [SAT] questions, those that produced more wrong answers, tended to have longer, less common words. Easy questions tended to have shorter, more common words. Freedle thought this was key to the relative success black students had with the harder ones. Simpler words tended to have more meanings, and in some cases different meanings in white middle class neighborhoods than they had in underprivileged minority neighborhoods, he concluded. This, he said, could help explain why black students did worse on questions with common words than on questions that depended on harder, but less ambiguous words they studied at school.” (See Huffington Post)

These “easy” words that have more than one meaning don’t single out an ethic group…they single out the genius kids from the average kids. The way the SAT is scored is based on the types of questions and just because a question has smaller words does not mean it’s an “easy” question…it could require and obscure meaning…thus making it a “hard” question. I can only see Freedle’s point being valid if the students he studied did not speak English at home. This whole study makes so sense to me.

Did Freedle get the College Board to tell him which questions were which before he did his study or did her decide for himself? I feel like it’s the latter.

The College Board has basically come out and said that Freedle’s study is feeble…and BS. It’s not often I agree with the College Board, which I think is a money mongering crack system for inducing hair loss and stomach ulcers in high school seniors, but I feel like they’re right this time.

The SAT is an equal opportunity torture device.


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  1. mairghread ryan · June 20, 2010


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