The Naked Cowboy: the John D. Rockefeller of being half nude in Times Square?

There can only be one half-naked piece of Americana in these parts!

That’s what New York City’s Naked Cowboy told Time Square’s newest addition, the Naked Cowgirl, anyway.

According to a story from the Associated Press, the Naked Cowboy sent the Cowgirl a cease-and-desist letter and claimed that if she wanted to continue as the naked Cowgirl she’d have to become a “franchise” of the Naked Cowboy. Most licensed franchisees are required to pay $500 a month.

Now this begs TWO questions:

1. How can one (i.e. the Cowboy) have a monopoly on standing on a street in one’s underwear and charging tourists for photos?

2. How is this “profession” so lucrative that he can expect the Cowgirl to pay $500 a month.

3. Why don’t they just work together? Make up some kind of entertaining routine? Commiserate about their shared love of being half-naked in public?

Why can’t the Naked Cowboy and the Naked Cowgirl just get along?



  1. Nancy Cummings · June 22, 2010

    Do you remember the year that we made the Christmas Cards from Gramma with her photo with him?

    • Caitlin · June 22, 2010

      YES! It was great!

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