Rolling Stone steps up, McChrystal (hopefully) steps down

President Obama and Gen. McChrystal in a White Hose photo.

Lots of controversy has popped up as a result of Rolling Stone magazine’s latest issue (which hits news stands on Friday).

Gen. Stanley McChrystal is probably getting fired. How did the nation’s number one music magazine become a watchdog for the U.S. government? Matt Taibbi and Co., that’s how.

It makes me proud to have an unnatural obsession with the publication.

Because of this article McChrystal was called to D.C. to have a meeting with President Obama about the off-color remarks he made about Vice President Joe Biden and the Obama administration. There’s even reports that McChrystal will resign and the Pentagon is looking for a list of replacements.

As a journalist the story has made me proud to be in the profession, as a U.S. citizen it makes me angry–but not because of McChrystal’s comments about the president and vice president (freedom of speech).

What disheartens me is that while McChrystal’s soldiers are over in Afghanistan risking their lives, he’s in Paris getting drunk with his inner circle. A 19-year-old kid from my hometown was just killed in Afghanistan. He hadn’t even been out of Saratoga Springs High School for a year and now he’s gone. When he died after only 19 years of life, McChrystal was probably drinking a bud light lime and eating a burger–having a grand old time.

From this article it’s pretty clear that he no longer takes his job seriously–if he ever did. I feel like he just wanted the title and not the actual task.

I hope Obama fires him.



  1. Mazarine · June 23, 2010


    Imagine this happening like 50 years ago! Yeah, it wouldn’t because no one would have heard about it! Go RollingStone for journalism chops!

    Go Obama for firing that General who doesn’t respect him or his cabinet!

    And I’m glad McChrystal spoke his mind, and it sounds like he spoke the truth. Obama probably IS discomfited around the army, since he was never in the military and nothing in his previous life prepared him for being the head of a nation at war. Biden DOES usually make silly comments. And some of these other figures attached to the army in Afghanistan probably ARE full of it. I saw a graphic on the NYT today about the total casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gulf war as compared to WWII, WWI, the Civil War, etc. We’ve had under 2,000 men killed in Afghanistan, which is fairly tiny. BUT THEY DIDN’T ADD HOW MANY PEOPLE WE SLAUGHTERED INTO THIS EQUATION!


    This is very important! How many millions of innocent iraqis, afghanis, were murdered by drones? Why don’t you count THAT, FRICKING NYT!!!


    • Caitlin · June 23, 2010

      Sadly the mainstream media tries to be “patriotic” so as not to alienate readers even if it means hiding the truth. That’s why the Times neglected to point out civilian deaths. That’s why all torture was hush-hush.

      It’s terrible.

  2. Mike · June 27, 2010

    You obviously have some slanted bias. McChrystal was in Paris attempting to sell his plan to our NATO allies. After the meeting, there was some down time and he and his soldiers did what anyone in their position would do (and you would too, if you were one of them); they went out and had a little fun. And you complain as if they did something wrong. Using your logic, anyone who is serving in the middle-east campaign is not allowed to have any down time. What about the soldier who takes some leave (which every soldier over in the middle-east is allowed to do) and goes to Paris, can he imbibe in spirits? Or must he not do anything because someone might die while he is gone?

    Also, your assertion that McChrystal doesn’t take his job seriously is unfounded. What proof do you offer? The article flatly points out McChrystal attempting to boost Karzai’s reputation to make McChrystal’s policy more effective. He even spent time with his troops on missions. That action definitely is not someone who just wanted the job. He was out on the frontline with his troops. He might even had stood next to the 19 year old you mentioned……

    The article is well written, even with the RS slant – an article written by Michael Hastings that reads like an article by Matt Taibbi eludes to the editor’s influence. But, I don’t think it offers any ammunition to warrant firing McChrystal. I do doubt whether McChrystal was the right choice for the job from other items in the article…..


    • Caitlin · June 27, 2010

      It’s a blog, I was trying to have bias. I never liked McChrystal’s attitude from the beginning…and maybe it is unfounded (I’ve never met him. I’m not a military expert) but it’s my view as a lay person who ingests the news.

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