Mommy, WOW!

I'm adopting a cash-only policy

Everyday since graduation (May 9) I have felt increasingly more and more like an adult (though I am still far from completely independent).

Think Brazil pre-split from Portugal. I can make my own coffee but I still need help selling it.

ANYWAY, I had a very blatant brush with real life yesterday when I became all too familiar with the inner workings of the banking system.

I got a $50 check for graduation (yay). This check was returned to me because there weren’t sufficient funds in the account it came from to cover it (not yay). So I lost a $50 gift…not a big deal…until I realized that my bank charged me an (outrageous) $35 returned item fee.

Now, in my blissful ignorance, I thought this was a mistake. I didn’t write the bad check so why should I get charged? Right?


Apparently banks made money by charging me for things I didn’t do even though I have a “student” account because I am broke, in college loan debt and on the brink of taking out another hefty loan.


From now on I’m keeping all my savings in my sock drawer and people can only pay me in cash.



  1. someone · July 1, 2010

    Actually, banks make money off of you never reading the terms and conditions of the account you signed up for, apparently. You should already know this. You shouldn’t have a bank account without knowing this.

  2. lolwhut · July 2, 2010

    there’s two things that bother me about people bitching about anonymous scathing comments:
    1.) who cares if they’re anonymous, you’re filtering them anyways, sooo in the end you’re only telling everyone that you’ll hear only what you want to hear. “grow a pair.”
    2.) it’s the internet, sugarbutt.

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